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Ladies and Gentleman,

My desire to live and be as normal as possible forces me to ask you for help in financing the purchase of the lower limb prosthesis, which will at least partially compensate for the lack of my left leg.

My name is Thomas Czarnecki. I am a young man – I’m only 38 years old. Despite the disability, I would like to continue living as I did before the accident. The costs of dentures, which I dream of, far exceed the financial possibilities of me and my family. My father has passed, my mother is retired.

In 2008, on the way to work I suffered a serious traffic accident as a result of which I lost the left lower limb and left upper limb. There was a time in my life when I wanted to finish it, but thanks to God and the immediate family survived the trauma. Even with half my limbs, I want to live as normally as possible and enjoy life.

The prosthesis, which partially covers the cost of the National Health Fund (the one you currently have), is an archaic structure. It’s unstable, causes abrasions, causes pain and is not comfortable. My level of physical activity as well as the willingness to normal living makes dentures need a professional, modern, but unfortunately very expensive. The prosthesis, will enable me to dream of a normal life and work without experiencing pain, suffering and discomfort of physical and mental health. Approximate cost of dentures is about 200 000 PLN.

I have a university degree, I’m an engineer. Today, in spite of my disability, I’m working in my learned profession. My current financial situation, despite saving does not allow me to cover the cost of the ideal dentures in its entirety. NHF cover a small part of it. Thus, I was left with nothing but to ask you to kindly financially support the purchase of the dream prosthesis.

Thank you in advance for your understanding my grave physical, mental and financial situation and above all – for all the help!


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